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MO Moms & Kids Group Has Moved!!

Becoming a Member

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We are always looking for people interested in joining our Play Group.

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody { mothers and fathers }
with a child Birth to age 6 { older children can also join in group activies if needed} interested fun activities and interacting with other children and adults!  Members must be able to attend one monthly play group.  This is a NON profit organization.
Go to our new site!

Benefits of Joining
You and your children will make new life long friends and spend a lot of time Learning new things and having fun doing it!

How Can You Join?
Email us for more information!

To join you need contact us for more information on dates and times of our next meeting.

Play Group Rules
We ask that you have respect for other people.
Do to others that you would want done to you.
No, foul language please.
No, Smoking around others please.
Discipline and behavior of your child/children
Parents are responsible for the discipline and safety of their own children.
Violent behavior toward others, such as:
* Pushing
* Hitting
* Biting
Will not be tolerated!
*If a parent or child is sick, or even recovering from an illness, they should not attend playgroup that week.
Please e-mail the manager, to let them know that you will not be attending
This will ensure your membership is not canceled due to inactivity.
 so make sure you RSVP online in the message board or via email.
Thank You, MGT.